Soursop (Guyabano): Fights cancer even without chemotherapy

12 Health Benefits of Soursop (Guyabano)

By: Arlene Gentallan

Soursop (Guyabano): Fights cancer even without chemotherapy
Soursop (Guyabano): Fights cancer even without chemotherapy

        Soursop (Guyabano) is a fruit most people don't know as an efficient alternative medicine to fight the most common cause of death worldwide--cancer. This tropical fruit has a delicious sweet white flesh enclosed by a green prickly outer cover. It's not only the fruit that has medicinal value but also it's leaves, bark, and roots.

        For those with no financial capability to avail conventional cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy, it's not the end of the road when it comes to treatment. There are alternative treatments available.

        It has become popular practice to combine complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) with conventional treatments for cancer. However, if you are planning to do this, make sure to consult your doctor first.

According to Damle:
"This plant is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types."

Unlike chemotherapy, soursop destroys cancer cell without harming normal cells.

Sourspo (Annona muricata) is called in many names:
  • Soursop (English)
  • Custard apple (English)
  • Guyabano (Philippines)
  • GuanĂ¡bana (spanish)
  • Corossol (French)
  • Paw paw (Brazil)
  • Graviola (portuguese)

Antineoplastic effect of guyabano even without chemotherapy

        In a study by Gunasekaran, Emmadi, Landers, and Gaba, an individual suffering from the most common type of liver cancer called "Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)" where cancer has already  spread to his lungs and he is not receiving concurrent chemotherapy treatment, consumes guyabano fruit extract which has proven effective in reverting the spread or metastasis of cancer.

Guyabano potent against multidrug resistant cancer

        Guyabano or soursop contains Annonaceae acetogenins, which is concentrated on it's leaves. In a study by Oberlies, Chang, and McLaughlin, they have found the component of guyabano "acetogenins" is potent against multi drug resistant breast cancer tumors. It has been shown that acetogenins is 250 more effective than chemotherapy drug "adriamycin."

Prostate, Pancreatic, and lung cancer

        A study done at Purdue University shows that soursop leaves is especially effective against prostate, pancreatic and lung cancers.

Health Benefits of Guyabano / Soursop

        Aside from guyabano's notorious anti-cancer property, it can be use as a herbal remedy for various health concerns.

1. Prevents cancer

You don't just consume soursop when you already have cancer! Studies have shown that it's anti-tumor property is beneficial to prevent cancer cells from forming.

2. High in fiber

1 cup of soursop fruit contains about 7 grams dietary fiber. Fiber is important in the diet to prevents colorectal cancer and aids it also aids in weight loss. A high fiber diet like soursop helps prevent the agony of constipation.

3. Rich in Vitamin C: Immune Booster

1 cup of soursop fruit contains about 46.4 mg of vitamin C which boosts the immune system. It's also an important antioxidant to help maintain the health of your skin, nails, and hair. It also enhances wound healing.

4. B Vitamins

Guyabano (soursop) is a good source of B vitamins which is needed by the body to get energy from the foods we eat

5. Antimicrobial

Soursop (guyabano) is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that kills bacterial and fungi. It also works against viral infection.

6. Intestinal worms

Soursop is good for your belly. It kills parasitic intestinal worms.

7. High blood pressure

Guyabano is high in potassium, low in sodium. 1 cup of soursop (guyabano) fruit is packed with 626 mg potassium. Potassium in the body balances the fluid retaining effect of sodium by enhancing it's excretion.

8. Leg cramps

You can also benefit from consuming soursop if your leg cramps is due to potassium deficiency.

9. Diabetes

Soursop leaves can lower blood sugar levels. Drink a guyabano herbal tea to effectively manage your blood sugar level.

10. Anxiety, depression, stress, and nervousness

Soursop has a sedative property which calms the nerves.

11. Pain and Rheumatism

Pain accompanies us throughout our life. It's inevitable...headache, back pain, stomachache,  rheumatoid arthritis  Take soursop tea twice a day to get relief.

12. Nutritious

Soursop (guyabano) also contains nutrients such as calcium (31.5mg - 3%), phosphorus (60.8mg - 6%) , magnesium (47.3mg - 12%), iron (1.4mg - 8%), copper (0.2mg - 10%), zinc (0.2mg - 2%) and Omega-6 fatty acids (155mg.)

Soursop's (guyabano) anti-cancer potential still needs further research to solidify it's anti-cancer reputation but it's breakthrough is very promising.