10 Reason You have Eye Bags even after a Good Night's Sleep

Why do I have eye bags even after sleeping enough?

By: Arlene Gentallan

Find out why you still get eye bag even after a good night's sleep
Find out why you still get eye bag even after a good night's sleep.

        You're not tired. There's no stress going on in your life. You have a good night's sleep from which you feel refreshed and revitalized but you ask why you you still wear a persistent pair of puffy circles under your eyes (eye bags.)

        Eye bag is a signature mark of people suffering from fatigue and poor sleep, but that's not always the case. Here are several causes aside from lack of sleep:

1. Morning eye bag is normal
        Have you experience waking up from a good night's sleep to find your eyes puffy, with a large eye bag? That's normal and will go away as the day pass. It's caused by fluid accumulation as a result of the horizontal position you assume when sleep as well as the slower blood circulation.

2. Sleeping on your stomach

        Your habit of sleeping on your stomach may be the culprit. This position promotes fluid accumulation and retention around your eyes so you'll more likely wake up with a pair of eye bags. Also, this position imprints your face on your pillow/blanket which can deepen your wrinkles. That being said, try sleeping on your back instead.

3. It runs in your blood

        One culprit that you can't run from is your genetics. It runs in your family, and you're no excuse. Certain facial features such as dark areas under the eye is inherited.

4. Just a normal part of aging

        As we age, the supporting structure holding our eyes weaken. Skin also becomes thinner leading to sagging. As people advance in age, eye bags may increase in size.

5. Alcohol

        Alcohol acts as a diuretic which dehydrates the body, making you prone to wrinkles and eye bag. Make sure you drink in moderation. You wouldn't want a skull-cracking hang over.

6. Smoking

        Did you know that smoking can cause premature aging of your skin? It's nicotine content leads to narrowing of blood vessel which in turns leads to poor blood circulation in your skin. Smoking also makes you prone to skin thinning and wrinkling.

7. Atopic dermatitis / Eczema

        Eye bag can also be caused by a dermatological condition which causes excessive itching of skin. This may result to hyper pigmentation on the affected site like the area under the eyes causing dark pigmentation and puffiness. Scratching will aggravate it.

8. Anemia

        Anemia is a disease in which red blood cell (RBC) and hemoglobin count are below normal. RBC supplies our cells with oxygen. So people with anemia usually feel tired and easily gets fatigue. In this case, a good night's sleep may not be enough. Consult your doctor.

9. Thyroid problem

        Hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism can affect the eyes as well causing the characteristic eye bag.

10. Kidney, adrenal, liver, or heart problem

        Problems involving the regulation of fluid in the body can lead to accumulation causing eye bag. Among the causes are kidney, adrenal, liver, and heart problem.