Aloe Vera: The Plant Of Immortality

17 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

By: Arlene Gentallan

Aloe Vera -- Plant of Immortality & Elixir of Youth
Aloe Vera -- Plant of Immortality & Elixir of Youth

        Aloe vera has been used by the ancient Egyptians as earlier as 6000 years ago, where it was given the title "Plant of Immortality."

       It has been used by famous Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti to maintain the youthful glow of their skin.

       The Chinese called aloe vera "Elixir of Youth."

       In  fact, aloe vera is widely use today by the cosmetic industry.

Here are the health benefits you can get from aloe vera:

1. Fights skin aging!

       Fresh aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the face as a home made facial treatment. It promotes production of collagen and elastin fibers to promotes skin elasticity which prevents sagging and combats wrinkles.

2. Protects against premature skin aging

       Appying aloe vera gel into the skin stimulates production of an antioxidant called "metallothionein" which fights free radicals and protects against the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun.

3. Get rid of Acne

       A study has shown that combining aloe vera topical gel with tretinoin cream is more effective in treating acne vulgaris, than using tretinoin cream alone.

4. Moisturizer

       Aloe vera contains mucopolysaccharides whic hydrates the skin. It's a natural moisturizer! You can apply it topically on your face as part of your daily beauty regimen. You can also apply it to your hair!

5. Healing Power

       Aloe vera has been used since the ancient times as a home remedy to treat wounds. Aloe vera extract has antimicrobial property. It's an effective treament for cuts, insect bites, sunburn, 1st degree and 2nd degree wounds. In fact a study has shown that using aloe vera accelerate the healing process of a burn wound by about 8.79 days.

6. Acute dermatitis due to radiotherapy

       Radiotherapy is a procedure in which high dose of radiation is given to an individual (like a cancer patient) to destroy cancer cells. Unfortunately this procedure also damages normal cells. Common skin side effects includes itching, swelling, and dryness.

       A study by P. Haddad, MD, F. Amouzgar–Hashemi, MD, S. Samsami, et al, has shown that using a lotion containing aloe vera helps prevent and treat acute dermatitis causes by radiation therapy (radiation dermatitis).

7. Immune System Booster

       Aloe vera is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant. Taking aloe vera supplement helps to prevent common ailments. It kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

8. Anti-cancer

       Aloe vera supplent has been taken by patients suffering from cancer as a herbal remedy. A study has shown that it inhibits growth of breast and cervical cancer cell. It also increases the effect of antineoplastic drugs such as "cispolatin."

9. Excellent hair treament

       Apply aloe vera gel directly into your scalp and hair to remove dandruff and lice. It will leave your hair soft with a refreshing scent.

10. Athlete’s foot

       Fungal infection can be source of nuisance and embarrassment. Simply put fresh aloe vera extract into the affected area as an effective home remedy to get rid of athlete’s foot.

11. Diabetes mellitus (DM) & Hyperlipedemia

       Taking oral aloe vera extract has been shown bright down blood sugar and lipid levels. It's a popular herbal remedy for people afflicted with Diabetes type 2. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease such as heart attack.

12. Natural Pain-killer

       Aloe vera can be use a herbal remedy to alleviate pain. A study has shown aloe vera cream's effectivity in treating posthemorrhoidectomy pain. It is also being use as an alternative medicine to treat mucle and joint pains.

13. Freshens breath & Decreases Plaque build-up

       Aloe vera's antimicrobial property goes beyond wound dressings, it's extract can also be use as a mouthwash. A study has shown that it is as effective as the oral rinse "chlorhexidine." It's use as alternative remedy significantly reduces gingival bleeding and plaque formation.

14. Canker sores

       Mouth ulcer can be a recurrent issue for some people. Using aloe vera as a mouthwash aids in decreasing pain and healing mouth ulcers.

15. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

       Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) such as Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis (UC) are chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and inhibits prostaglandin. A research to shown that intake of 100 mL aloe vera gel for 4 weeks is more effective than placebo in managing ulcerative colitis.

16. Laxative

       Aloe vera is good for your gut. It contains "anthraquinones" which pulls water into the intestinal tract, and promotes intestinal clearance. aloe vera gel can be taken orally as herbal remedy for constipation.

17. Intestinal Worms

       Oral intake of aloe vera works against intestinal parasites such as tapeworm and roundworm. It's extract kills parasitic worms.