Danger of Smartphone's Bedtime Use

Why it's a bad idea to check your phone before bedtime...

By: Arlene Gentallan

You'll get blind

        There has been two reported cases of women in UK who suffered transient blindness because of their seemingly harmless habit of checking their smartphone before going to sleep.

        Another bad habit contributing to their blindness is their tendency to lie on their side while viewing their smartphone. In this position, they're only using one eye to view the phone's screen while their other visual field is blocked by a pillow.

        Using only one eye to view your smartphone is a very bad idea. It causes only a single eye to adjust to the immense brightness of your smartphone, while the other eye adjust to the darkness of the room. The consequence experienced by these women is a temporary blindness on the eye they've used to view their phone.

        When they've turned off their smart phone, the eye which is adjusted to the bright light of their smartphone suffered temporary blindness lasting for about 15 minutes. It kind of lost it's ability to adjust to the darkness of the room while the other eye did not.


        You may not know but lights we see with out eyes has a major influence on our brain's ability to determine whether or not it's time to sleep.

        Melatonin, the major neurotransmitter that puts us to sleep is release in large amount when lights are dim. Consequently, bombarding your eyes with your smartphone's bright light may just be your passport to an insomniac night.

        Not only that, your biologic clock may as well be readjusted. Several hours before you usually go to sleep, levels of your melatonin begins to rise in anticipation of you going to sleep. But if you habitually use your smartphone just before you go to sleep, your messing up with your body clock so you'll find you'll have hard time falling asleep.