"Good" cholesterol goes "bad": A fatal turn

"Good" cholesterol goes "bad": A fatal turn

By: Arlene Gentallan

"Good" cholesterol goes "bad": A fatal turn
"Good" cholesterol goes "bad": A fatal turn.

        High-density lipoprotein (HDL) is known as the "good cholesterol" because it removes "bad cholesterol" known as low-density lipoprotein (LDL) from the blood  stream. By doing so, HDL "good cholesterol" prevents LDL "bad cholesterol" from building-up fatty plaque (atherosclerosis) within the walls of the arteries.

        High levels of "good cholesterol" is linked to reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

...But as it turns out, high levels of "good cholesterol" isn't good for everyone.

It's in your genes

        Inevitably, our genes can influence our health. People who possess the genetic variant "P376L" on their genes have unusually higher-than-normal levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) "good cholesterol" which increases their risk of cardiovascular disease.
Researchers found out that people who carry the P376L genes have 79% higher chance of suffering from coronary heart disease.
        The presence of "P376L" gene casuses "good cholesterol" HDL to completely loss it's protective function of clearing up cholesterol from the bloodstream because SR-BI receptor are no longer functional.

Having high levels of "good cholesterol" high-density lipoprotein (HDL) can be disastrous to a small percentage of people.

How will you you know if you have the defective genes "P376L"?

        You'll have to undergo genetic testing. In this test, your dna in your blood, or skin sample, etc. will be examined.
But it's worth knowing that not all people with high levels of "good cholesterol" carries this faulty genes, and in fact, it's presence is very rare.

        This is a relatively new finding and although it provides some insight, further research is still needed regarding the relationship of high "good cholesterol" to cardiovascular diseases.

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