4 Reasons proving Sleeping with your Cellphone is Dangerous

Sleeping with Cellphone: The Danger

By: Arlene Gentallan

        Cellphone is man's everyday companion. It's something we can't get rid of even as we sleep. But looks like there's an emerging fact that cellphone isn't such a healthy companion after all. It's something that you don't want under your pillow or near your head. Here's why.

1. Brain cancer

        When your cellphone is on, it's emitting low dose of electromagnetic radiation, like to ones from x-rays. Although the radiation emitted by your cellphone seems harmless, it can have devastating effects in the long run. Several research has link long term use of cellphone to brain cancer. Children (younger population) are particularly vulnerable to this risk.

2. The risk of fire

        Take for instance the case of a a 13 year old kid from Texas named Ariel Tolfree who woke up to find that her Samsung Galaxy S4 cellphone toasted under her pillow. According to news, the battery she used for her cellphone is a replacement unit and it may have overheated causing the phone to caught fire.

3. Sleeping deprivation

        There's a science as to why you're having difficulty sleeping when you're texting, browsing, or doing something visually interactive like playing video games with your phone. Cellphones has LED screens which give off "blue light." Blue light decreases you brain's "melatonin--the sleep hormone" production. If you haven't yet realized, you sleep better with dim lights because your biologic clock pretty much depends on the lights you see with your eyes to determine whether it's day or night.

4. Headache

Although additional proof is needed, cellphone has been linked to higher incidence of headache and migraine.