How does L-carnatine burn fat?

How does L-carnatine burn fat?

by: Arlene Gentallan

        L-carnatine burns fat by transporting long-chain fatty acids found in the blood into mitochondrias which are the "power house" that produces energy for the body. In short, fats are "burned" in the mitochondrias of cells to produce energy.

This enables you to burn more calories. So instead of having those fats stored in your body, you use them as an energy source.

        Aside from this, did you know that L-carnatine also helps increase your body's endurance during exercise. This is due to the fact that it prevents the build-up of lactic acid within your body. When lactic acid accumulates on your muscle, it's acidity increases resulting to the burning and aching sensation you feel.

        In fact, it can be used by athletics as a supplement to enhance their performance.

        It is an amino acid that our kidneys and liver can normaly produce from  amino acids "lysine" and "methionine." But there are times when it's production does not meet our body's requirement, such as in periods of streneous exercises, renal failure, and among premature babies.