Is coffee an insect repellent?

Coffee: The mosquito repellent

By: Arlene Gentallan

Is coffee an insect repellent?
Is coffee an insect repellent?

        Coffee is incredible both in aroma and taste, doesn't really make sense why something will hate it...but oh well, makes it more versatile.


        If you haven't yet realize, let me point out that "mosquito is a dangerous animal." It kills more than a million people in the world each year according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

        Seriously, you don't want any of these insects staying at your house, or roaming anywhere near you home.

Coffee: The mosquito repellent

        A study by Satho, Dieng, Ahmad, et al, shows that the mosquito specie Aedes albopictus were repelled by coffee. Female mosquitoes avoid laying their eggs in water containing high concentration of coffee.

        The study also shows that if a female  did lay it's egg in water containing coffee, their eggs will have a less likelihood of hatching, so reproduction of adult mosquito decreases.

What is Aedes albopictus?

        Aedes albopictus, also known as "asian tiger mosquito" is easily spotted with it's black and white stripes. It's a daytime-biter, serving as vector of serious diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, chikungunya, zika, and eastern equine encephalitis.

        Aedes albopictus is native to tropical countries of the Southeast Asia but has alarmingly spread to other continents. This species of mosquito are survivors. They can even thrive in freezing temperature.

How to use coffee as an insect repellent

        Sprinkle fresh or used coffee grounds on your potted plant, garden, and other areas infested with mosquitoes. This will keep mosquitoes off of them. Also, coffee ground is a source of nourishment for the soil and the plant. It's like using fertilizer with insect repellent magic!