Does Rosemary induce Abortion?

Does Rosemary induce Abortion?

By: Arlene Gentallan

 Does Rosemary induce Abortion?
 Does Rosemary induce Abortion?

        Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a popular spice. Renowned for it's aroma and taste. But there are certain claims you need to know before anything else. "Does rosemary really induce abortion?" What does research says about it?

What research says

        A study involving rats by Lemonica, Damasceno, and di-Stasi, shows that ingesting rosemary extract may impede implantation. (Implantation refers to the attachment of the fertilized egg to the inner wall of the uterus.) However, it's intake does not seem to interfere with the normal development of the baby following implantation.

        The above research fails to show that rosemary have abortifacient effect to pregnant mother, however further studies are still needed to debunk the claim. You may be disappointed to know that rosemary's association with abortion is a poortly researched topic.

What the expert says

        According to WebMd, while pregnant women may continue to add rosemary spice in their food, it is not recommended to consume rosemary extract with dosage beyond the levels found in food.

        So if you're pregnant, it's better to watch out
for vitamins and supplements containing rosemary! Better safe than sorry!

        Also, using rosemary essential oil is not proven safe during pregnancy.


        Rosemary is considered safe to be eaten during pregnancy provided the amount ingested does not exceed the usual amount found in food. You can still enjoy this historic spice in your dishes. But avoid taking vitamins and supplements containing rosemary extract during the course of pregnancy.

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