Why do Companies need Nurses?

Why do Companies need Nurses?

by: Arlene Gentallan

It is our right to receive quality health care. Employees will always have health concerns and someone has to take care of it. That's where the role of company nurse comes to play.

A company nurse is tasked with an important responsibility to promote the health of each employee. Some of the tasks of company nurses are prevention measures like health education, flu vaccination and annual physical examination monitoring. It's also a nurse's vital role to alleviate a patient's current health concern ranging from independent nursing measures like providing warm compress to someone suffering from dysmenorrhea to dispensing the appropriate medication.

It's important to resolve employee's health issues. This will make sure that employees are at an optimum condition to perform work, thus increasing productivity in the workplace.

Especialy in a highly stressful environment such as the call center industry, people are prone to suffer from medical condition. Having a company nurse will significantly lessen hospital/clinic appointment/stay.

Healthcare is one of our indispensable needs. company nurse is tasked to meet that. It helps the employee. It helps the company. Having a company nurse is a win-win solution.

Wait there's more...
Do you know that hiring company nurses goes beyond the hopefully truthful fact that your company does indeed care about your well-being. It is mandated by the law! the "Labor Code of the Philippines" is this law. That means, hiring company nurses is not just aa simple act of kindness but it's also compulsory.

"The Department of Labor and Employment" is the department entrusted with the duty and obligation to exercise the power to protect employees. So, this department mandates through the "Occupational Safety and Health Standards" sets of standards that companies should comply to. One of these standards is to have a "Health and Safety Committee" which includes company nurses.