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Tilapia skin: the New Player in Burn Treatment

Burn injury is a health issue across the globe, leaving thousands to millions of victims devastated. In search for better ways to combat the ever increasing healthcare cost and come up with better treatment options, researchers explore the use of tilapia skin as a new promising technique to speed up healing of burn and decrease the need for pain medication.

@healthbiztips by Arlene Gentallan

Researchers in Brazil took advantage of the abundance of the freshwater fish "tilapia" in their country to uncover a new promising alternative treatment in the care of burn victims. They use medical grade sterilized tilapia skin to debride wounds caused by burn, substituting the conventional burn treatment composed of gauze and sulfadiazine cream.

They use tilapia skin to debride second and third degree burns. Tilapia skin is rich in marine collagen peptide which is easily absorbed into the burned area to aid in wound healing.

Advantages of Tilapia Skin for Treatment of Burn:

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