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11 Milk Trivia & Fun Facts

11 Milk Trivia & Fun Facts

By: Arlene Gentallan

Fun facts and trivia about milk. Know this before drinking your Milk

1. Did you know that milk is high in saturated fats which can increase your risk of developing coronary vascular disease like atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke. Choose a low fat milk.

2. Research has found an association between drinking milk and developing ovarian cancer / prostate cancer.

3. While milk is a good source of calcium, drinking 3 glass of milk is not enough, you need to also exercise to keep calcium in your bones.

4. Countries where milk consumption is high tend to have higher rates of fracture and osteoporosis compared to countries with less dairy consumption.

5. Dairy products like milk stimulates stomach acid secretion because of it's high fat content. This aggravates heartburn / gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

6. Mammals only drink milk when they are babies, except humans.

7. You need vitamin D in order to absorb calcium from your die…

Which can give more Calcium: Cow's milk vs Spinach

Which can give more Calcium: Cow's milk vs Spinach

By: Arlene Gentallan

        Where can you get more calcium? Is it from cow's milk or from spinach?

 Calcium absorption: Cow's milk vs. Spinach

        One serving of milk (1 glass) contains about 300mg calcium. On the other hand, one serving of cooked spinach (half a cup) contains about 115mg of calcium.

        But, the human body can not absorb all their calcium content. We can absorb about 32% of cow's milk calcium content, while only 5% from spinach. So, our body can absorb about 100mg calcium from 1 serving of milk while only 6mg per serving of spinach.


        Although spinach contains more calcium than most vegetables, human absorb less calcium because of it's high oxylate content. That means in order to get the same amount of calcium from 1 glass of milk, you'll need to eat about 8 cups of cooked spinach.

Alcohol intake during Pregnancy alters a Baby's facial feature

Alcohol intake during Pregnancy alters a Baby's facial feature
By: Arlene Gentallan

        Alcohol intake in excess during pregnancy can have delirious effects to the unborn child. Even small intake of alcohol does have a price.
        Pregnant women who drink even the slightest amount of alcohol at any point during pregnancy can consequently lead to minor defects on their baby's facial feature. Further studies are still needed to see if small intake of alcohol consumed during pregnancy has a negative effect to a child's mental development.
        According to the researchers "For women who are, or may become pregnant, avoiding alcohol is the safest option."
        A 3 year study involving 415 children found through 3-dimensional craniofacial analysis anomalies in facial feature of children whose mother drunk alcohol during pregnancy. Facial anomalies were not readily visible to the naked eye. Anomalies could be seen on the forehead, midface, eyes, nose, or c…


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